What Is Asset-Based Lending?

What is an asset-based loan?Traditional financing backed by a bank is only one option to meet your business’s lending needs. There’s another way to get the financing you need — It’s called asset-based lending.

Asset-based lending is a means of securing a business loan or line of credit by using the assets of your business as collateral.

These assets can include:

  • Equipment
  • Accounts receivables (must be proven)
  • Inventory (needs a history of turnover)
  • Any other balance sheet assets your business may have

While these assets do provide collateral, they aren’t nearly as secure for the lender as cash or real estate. As a result, asset-based financing typically has interest rates that fall between those of cash or real estate secured loans and those of unsecured, high-risk loans (for which no collateral is offered).

Asset-based loans are often helpful for seasonal businesses, whose cash flow fluctuates, as well as for companies who have leveraged balance sheets due to industry cycles or a proposed acquisition.

Detailed and accurate record-keeping — as well as a history of stable income (even if it ebbs and flows) — is key to painting your business in the best possible light to secure an asset-based loan.

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