Construction Industry FinancingThere’s little question that the construction industry has been hit hard by these tough economic times.  The inherent risk involved in new projects makes it hard to get help from traditional lenders, even in the best of times.  That’s why it makes sense for construction-related business to work with specialized companies like Spectrum Capital, who can offer alternative financing options to help secure the funds necessary for new projects.


Investing in new construction equipment and machinery to make your operation run more productively and efficiently can be a smart business decision.  Spectrum Capital can help with a variety of loans and equipment leasing options to make it happen now so your investment can begin paying for itself right away.

Sale-Lease Back Option

You can also turn the equity from your existing construction equipment into working capital right now.  We will buy your equipment and lease it back to you.  Then, when all the payments are made, you own the equipment again.


Government guaranteed SBA loans can provide an excellent alternative financing solution for start-up and existing small businesses that may not be eligible for traditional business loans.  Designated a preferred financial services company by preferred SBA lenders, Spectrum Capital can help you determine your eligibility for an SBA loan and expedite the approval process.

Commercial Real Estate

Looking to purchase property or refinance your current investments?  Spectrum Capital can help with a broad range of nontraditional lending programs with one to meet your specific needs.

Working Capital

Whether you’re purchasing inventory and materials for a project or hiring additional workers, working capital loans can provide an ideal solution for such short-term borrowing situations.

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