Agricultural Financing

Farm EquipmentUS Agriculture is a diverse and expansive community of businesses requiring a wide range of financial products, structures and options.  At Spectrum Capital we have the loan products and professional skills to build an optimal finance package for you.

We understand the unique requirements of cash crop farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards, horse farms, poultry operations, dairies and processing plants. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, making improvements or pulling cash out, we have the loan products and knowledge necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Equipment Loans & Leases

Investing in new equipment and machinery to make your farm or ranch produce more efficiently can be a smart business decision.  Spectrum Capital can help with a variety of loans and equipment leasing options to make it happen now so your investment can begin paying for itself right away.

Working Capital

Whether you’re purchasing additional livestock or just need a little help to get through a growing season, working capital loans can provide an ideal solution for such short-term borrowing situations.

Commercial Real Estate and Farmer Mac Loans

Whether you’re looking to purchase new agricultural property, or take advantage of refinancing your existing land, Spectrum Capital can help with a broad range of nontraditional lending programs with one to meet your specific needs including loans that qualify for Farmer Mac’s long-term fixed rate funding.

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