About Spectrum Capital

If you’re like most proprietors, you put your heart and soul into your business.  You want to succeed through good times and tough times.  And just like your businesses changes over time, so may your businesses lending needs.  You need to refinance your existing debt, you need to purchase a new building or equipment, you need working capital….where do you go?  There are a lot of banks and various lenders out there.  Which one is best for your business?  Which one is best for your borrowing needs?  Do you have time to “interview” dozens of lenders?  What if there is a lender across the county that has a perfect solution for your businesses borrowing needs?  What you need is a Chief Lending Officer for your company.  These days, the smartest companies are those who are able to secure financial support through lenders that specialize in your industry and in what type of loan your business may need.

Spectrum Capital stands ready to be your “Chief Lending Officer”.  We will help you get the financing you need now to take advantage of the current economic situation and come out even stronger.  Whatever your goals for your business, Spectrum Capital is your single source for financing to transform your vision into reality.

So, let’s get growing.


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